My current work includes a line of social skill lessons for special-needs classrooms for Everyday Speech. A few times a year, we shoot anywhere from twenty to forty short videos that I spend the following months editing, animating, mixing, and color-correcting. I am their sole video producer. We have produced these videos since 2014 - we have released over 100 videos!

I graduated Northeastern University in December 2016 with a combined degree in Communications and Cinema Studies. I'm working toward a career in film production and have taken numerous relevant courses including Television Field Production, Producing for the Entertainment Industry, Media Culture and Society, and Media Audiences. I have experience with Avid Media Composer and Final Cut along with DSLR and P2 cameras.

My first co-op as a Northeastern student was a videographer position at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, where my responsibilities include recording events and interviewing students about their experiences at the school. My second co-op was at IFC as their on-air promotions department's creative assistant, where I was managing my bosses' schedules and travel, creating expense reports, processing freelancer invoices, distributing information to the department, and conceiving, writing, and editing ad spots.

My first podcast, The ADR Podcast, began as a short discussion of movies I love and evolved into a blend of in-depth talks about a movie with a guest and spoiler-free movie recommendations. I also ran Garrulous, with friend of the Internet Kyle Seth Gray, and currently host Most Important Meal, a breakfast podcast with Allison Truj. I also podcast frequently with The Incomparable, most notably for Game of Thrones recaps and the Low Definition game show. There is a complete list of my guest appearances on the network available here

I write scripts and make short films when I can. Four years ago, my movie Shirts was a finalist at Campus Movie Fest, a competition which allows college students an opportunity to write, shoot, and edit a short film in one week. The following year's entry, Boston, was currently the fifth most viewed Northeastern-based film. My ultimate goal is to direct a feature film one day, so I'm incredibly excited to get my hands dirty every so often. 

In May 2014, I spent a month in London making a documentary as a part of Northeastern University‚Äôs Dialogue of Civilizations program. The resulting project, They Come Here For The Music, focuses on the history and culture behind Camdentown's music scene. 

I wrote film reviews for the NU Film Enthusiasts' Club from mid 2013 to late 2014. Aside from a few columns on horror movies and hilariously bad movies, these are reviews of first-run movies that are published the day of the film's theatrical release. We were fortunate enough to be invited to pre-release screenings set up by studios specifically for film critics. 

I've also worked on various other projects, including a PSA for Spontaneous Celebrations and a selection of music videos, shorts, feature films, and other projects.